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Contact Info
Ian Caldicott sticks@wolston.com

Custom Sticks

If you don't find the stick you are looking for on our current crooks or current hiking sticks pages or just want to custom order one here is a look at the kinds of options you have and the associated prices. If you are not familiar with any of the options take a look at our stick design guide for pictures of what the various options look like. You can also look at all the sticks we have made. Not all materials listed are necessarily in stock. Prices shown are subject to change, especially for head material.

Style-- There are 10 basic designs that i use. The first 5 fall in the the crooks category, the last 4 into the hiking sticks category. Thumb sticks are listed on the crooks page but are often considered hiking sticks today.

Head Material -- For crooks you have a choice of wood or horn. Antler cannot be shaped so is only available for Thumb sticks, an occasional Market stick and hiking sticks. Wood prices are based on the last piece I bought, if I need to buy a new piece then the price will be adjusted based on the cost of the new lumber.

Shank -- The type of stick you are getting and what you plan on using it for will often dictate the shank choice. The more stress the shank will be put under the harder and stiffer you want it. For crooks, particularly trialing crooks a light weight shank is often more important. Availability of all Shank woods are subject to cured shanks on hand.

Foot -- Prices for horn and antler assume a 1-1.5 inch foot, longer feet will cost more. Palm Ivory feet will be 0.5-0.75 inches.

All Features below this point are optional

Collar -- All collars except metal are typically 1/4- 3/4 inch in thickness. (extra wide version mandatory for natural horn sticks) For a multi part collar add each piece as if it were a separate collar.

Additional Features -- Some of these apply only to certain stick types. Larger collars, shanks etc are also included here.

Carving & Painting-- If you are looking for a stick that really stands out nothing adds more to a sticks appearance than carving.

For more information or to discuss having a stick made please e-mail me at sticks@wolston.com or call 503-394-2021 (evenings are best)