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Originating in Ireland the Shillelagh makes an excellent walking stick. Traditionally they are made of Blackthorn, oak or other hard woods. One end (the handle) has a large knob that is tilted forward somewhat. Originally the point of the knob was for the stick to be used as a weapon and today the shillelagh is used as a self defence tool for practitioners of bataireacht. Its violent origin not withstanding the tilted knob head of a shillelagh is very comfortable to hold and makes them an excellent choice for a walking stick.

When used as a traditional walking stick the length of the stick should be the distance from the floor to one's wrist with elbow slightly bent (typically about the height of your belly button) though some people prefer a much longer stick and use it as a staff, holding the shank with the head purely for decoration.

Suitable Blackthorn is near impossible to obtain in the U.S. so most of our shillelaghs are made with other hard woods. Typically they are two piece construction with the shank being hawthorn (a relative of blackthorn) and the heads being from both local and exotic hardwoods. You can find the Shillelaghs we have in stock on the current hiking sticks page or you can order a custom shillelagh.