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Ian & Raven raveian@wolston.com 541-971-0372


Wolston Farm

Welcome to Wolston Farm located in Scio, Oregon. We raise sheep, keep chickens and raise Border Collies. We raise the sheepfor wool, that we both sell and use in wool sculptures to sell; horns, that we use in making shepherds' crooks and walking sticks; and lambs, for people looking for sheep to build their own flock or train dogs on. We raise and train Border Collies to help us manage our flock and to run in competitions.  We also offer herding lessons, in-house training and vacations for you and your herding breed dog.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our site and invite you to visit our other sites including Raven's Pet Portraits and Art by Raven (for Raven's portraits and other fine art), BC Styleyes and Canis Major Art (for all our dog products), and Sheep Thrillz and Wool Sculpture (for all our sheep products). We also maintain some other sites including the Stock Dog Server for everything you ever wanted to know about herding and herding dogs.


July 10-13 our Sheep Thrillz SDT with a doulbe lift championship on Sunday will be held here at Wolston Farm.

Also don't miss our new wool yarn from our own sheep over on our Sheep Thrillz site.

In Memoriam
Wolston Moss ABC 105135
3/29/97 - 5/12/11